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nerve ; and the second by the sciatic nerve, so it is to be regarded as a piece of the hamstring group. In the Gibbon the part arising from the tuberosity is fused with the rest of the muscle, but its tendon is inserted separately into the middle of the supracondylar crest of the femur. In the Gorilla the three parts are separate at their origin (Soinmer) ; in the Orang the arrange*"
ments are very human. Sometimes the adductor inagnr^15 is inserted as far down as ttie back of the knee-]oi/n^ Deniker divides the adductor mass into adductor pri fc ^adductor longus), adductor secondus (adductor br<= adductor tertius (upper part of adductor magnus): iscbio-eondyleiiŁ, or part to the adductor tube*
^^^^                                                      •
The pectineHA is much as in ilan.    When it cont<ams part of the adductor longus it is innervated partly{ the obturator nerve, in addition to the anterior nerve, which is constant.                                           <j
Hamstring Muscles.—The bleep* consists of a head arising from the tuber ischii and fused with gluteus maximus, and of a short head arising frem the lower part of the shaft of the femur. The two headg may remain separate or be fused in each species (see papers by Sommer (491 1, Hepburn (83), Champneys (318), and Sonntag t399>. It is inserted into the outer aspect of the head of the tibia, the head of the fibula and the fascia over the outer head of the gastrocnemius. The semitendinoftus arises from the tuber ischii and is inserted into the anterior tubercle of the tibia and the deep fascia of the leg. The fascial insertion is very extensive, and helps to prevent the animal from assuming an erect attitude. Eolleston pointed out that the muscle has a strong insertion into the fascia in the new-born child,